GEPL Pick of the Week – 15th November (video)

GEPL’s Pick of this Week is KSB Pumps Ltd with a price of Rs.512 targeting Rs.700 over the next 12 months.
The focus of the Indian economy has increased towards energy generation capacity and natural gas. The pumps & valve industry has grown in line with the economic growth of the country and is only further expected to grow, driven by the demand from the capital goods, energy, mining and gas & oil sector. KSB being well fitted in this domain we yet again repeat it as our recommendation. KSB is a well established player in the pump & valve manufacturing industry. In the waste water management industry, waste water disposal, municipal waste disposal along with transportation of water and liquefied gas over long distance requires special valves and KSB has varied product range to offer for this business segment. It is also a leading supplier of power plant pumps used in the energy sector. With its growth strategies being intact and further plans to double its capacity along with doubling its turnover over the next five years, we are optimistic about this company and thus recommend a BUY for a target of Rs.700.

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