GEPL Gold ETF – 09th November (video)

The e-learning topic for this month is Gold ETF

We at GEPL have introduced an SIP in Gold ETF to enable investors to build their GOLD corpus step by step.

Gold demand is moving upwards due to consistent buying by Central Bank of the countries across globe, festival demand in India and natural hedge against inflation.

Before we explain the process, let’s see what Exchange traded funds are:

Exchange Traded Funds are essentially Index fund, which are listed and traded on exchange like stocks. The biggest advantage of ETF is real time pricing, which gives the opportunity to earn in volatile market.

Gold ETFs, are similar is to a security listed on the exchange, through which investors can participate in the gold bullion market without the compulsion to take physical delivery of gold. The instrument gives security against the risk of impurity and theft of physical Gold.

GEPL has introduced a simple method SIP option to invest in Gold on a monthly basis. Here the minimum monthly investment is Rs.4000, which can fetch 2 grms of gold/ months. Minimum time period for this is 12 months.

To start your investment please:

• Open Trading & Demat account with GEPL
• Sign Mandate letter along with account opening
• As GEPL is member of RBI ECS Mode, investor has to sign the fund transfer letter along with bank verification.

The SIP date for ETF is 10th of each month.
On t+2 basis units will be credited to investors Demat a/c.

Commence your investment in Gold through GEPL ETF and reap the benefits of Systematic Investment Plan.

Click here to start investing now


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