GEPL Pick of the Week – 04th October (video)

Considering the increasing importance of one of the accessories of consumers namely watches which are no longer treated as functional objects but more of the nature of a jewel, we are recommending Timex Group India Ltd as GEPL’s Pick of the Week at the price of Rs 42 targeting Rs 65 over the next 12 months. After giving away its distribution tie up with Titan, Timex has been constantly investing into new technologies and product lines well supported by its stores called Time Factory. Today, Timex is the only global brand with strong supply chain and manufacturing facility in India and is working on short listing the international brands that can be introduced in India. Taking it further, over the next couple of years the company plans to double its outlets from the current 70 stores which should help enhance its brand visibility and increase their market share from the current 21%.  Thus, with Timex providing differentiated products at good value of money, we are positive on the company and thereby recommend a BUY for a target of Rs 65.


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